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The Borough of Marietta is a small river town beside the Susquehanna River and was incorporated in 1812 from the towns of Waterford and New Haven. Marietta's first industries were related to river commerce. The river was a major source for timber used to build bridges, ships, and other structures. Success produced an architectural gallery of Colonial, Federal, and Victorian style homes.


Marietta was a major anthracite iron industry center in the United States because there were local deposits of iron ore and by way of canals and railroads. Following the iron industry were foundries, silk mills, breweries, medical vaccines, and machine shops; all of which made Marietta a thriving industrial center.

The revitalization of Marietta began in 1965 with the realization that many of the homes and buildings were worthy examples of Colonial, Federal, and Victorian styles of architecture. In 1972, Marietta suffered major damage from Hurricane Agnes. Fortunately, Federal Disaster Relief money was made available, and many of the homes were saved and restored.

Today, Marietta has a National Historic District, dating from 1978 that was expanded in 1983, that encompasses 45% of the town. Residents and tourists enjoy walking the trails and fishing and bird watching along the Susquehanna River. Quaint shops, restaurants, and Bed and Breakfasts grace the historic homes and buildings of Marietta. 

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